More than just a Martial Arts School In Ireland

Are you ready for a transformation? Our martial arts karate classes for kids and adults in Ireland not only help you get into the best shape of your life, but our focus on personal development means we sculpt black belt champions for life. We incorporate vital life skills into our training to help you gain the self-discipline, self-control, focus, determination and perseverance necessary to achieve all your goals in life. We offer martial arts classes for children starting at age 3 up to adults. All of our children's classes are age specific and cater to their developmental abilities. We have both mixed and ladies only adults classes. No matter what your current fitness levels are we offer a supportive space where you can train with a dedicated team coaching you all the way. Even if you are a complete beginner or struggling to find a way to get back to the body you want, we are here to make that transformation happen. We foster a community spirit at Na Fianna and regularly host fun events and workshops outside of training times for all our members.